Clumps of Particles Study How Particles Clump (and why you should care)

All matter is made up of particles, or little packets of energy and (most of the time)┬ámass. Every object we see, the light that reflects off of those objects, and the eyes we use to absorb that light are all made of particles. Since particles are in everything, particle physics obviously has an effect on... Continue Reading →


The Ugliest but Most Talented Bats

Bats are not blind. In fact, they see just as well as humans do, and like humans, their night vision is mediocre. But at night, insects abound and competing predators are fast asleep, creating the perfect opportunity for bats to feast. During seasons when they are not hibernating, clouds of carnivorous bats fly out from... Continue Reading →


We regularly see symmetry throughout nature and in what we create. The wings of a butterfly, the face of a loved one, and even the triangular Whataburger building across the street from me right now all display this common motif. Symmetry often provides an important underlying structure of the laws of nature, and it characterizes... Continue Reading →

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